What’s New?

Member benefits include new toolkits and other resources to help take sustainability to another level.

By Janet Howard, Director of Member Engagement, Healthier Hospitals, Practice Greenhealth on May 10, 2016

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IT’S BEEN said that there’s nothing new under the sun. But that’s certainly not the case when it comes to Practice Greenhealth.

So what’s new? A lot! We’re continually working to engage with our membership to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to take your sustainability programming to the next level. Just take a look at our website (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org).

Practice Greenhealth leads member health systems further on their sustainability journeys, thanks to in-depth toolkits in specific areas of sustainability. Under the “Topics” area of our website, you will find fresh materials, posters, case studies and ready-to-use templates to help you continuously improve your environmental performance, with measurable results.

One of the lessons we learned from our Healthier Hospitals program was the value of specific, measurable goals. For this reason, in 2016 and onward, Practice Greenhealth will use a similar goal-oriented approach to further engage members around key activities, including renewable energy, food waste, water conservation and much more. With these goals and toolkit resources, we will continue to drive value for the health care sector as it matures and successfully integrates sustainability into its strategic direction.

Simply visit the Practice Greenhealth website and select the “Topics” tab. Or refer to the handy table on the following page for an overview of the Practice Greenhealth goals and toolkits available.

Engaged Leadership To support a facility-wide assessment that demonstrates the need for leadership, use the Eco-Checklist (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/sites/default/files/upload-files/ecochecklist_r5.pdf).

Attract and retain workers, and bring sustainability programming to the next level through the Employee Engagement Toolkit (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/engaged-leadership/employee-engagement-toolkit; login required). Here you can access white papers, case studies, a PowerPoint with script, templates and much more.

NEW in 2016—Work with marketing and communications and the Sustainability Marketing Toolkit to develop plans, outline communication vehicles and create a timeline (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/tools-resources/sustainability-marketing-plan-toolkit).

NEW in 2016—Achieve further engagement with the Engaged Leadership Goals 3, 4 and 5.

Less Waste Practice Greenhealth’s Less Waste Toolkit (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/less-waste) helps facilities prevent, recycle, manage and track materials and waste while continuously adding to prevention and recycling opportunities. This kit includes guidance on pharmaceuticals, recycling, waste segregation and much more. It also provides a poster template, PowerPoint with script, how-to guidance, case studies, archived calls and other resources.

NEW in May 2016—Food Waste Management Goal and Toolkit

Chemicals Learn about integrated pest management, safer materials, chemical policy, green cleaning and much more (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/chemicals).

NEW in 2016—Antimicrobials and Hand Soap Goal and Toolkit

Greening the OR Sign onto the Greening the OR Initiative (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/initiatives/greening-operating-room) to access a toolkit with case studies, guidance documents and much more.

NEW in fall 2016—Anesthetic Gas Toolkit

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Health systems should consider total cost of ownership when making smarter purchasing decisions (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/epp).

NEW in 2016—Total Cost of Ownership Tool
You can also access the EPP Specifications and Resources Guide (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/environmentally-preferable-purchasing/epp-specifications-and-resources-guide) for requests for proposals and specifications to purchase environmentally preferable products and services.

NEW in 2016—Baby Products and Catheters

Case studies are also available (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/environmentally-preferable-purchasing/epp-case-studies-health-care).

Healthier Food Practice Greenhealth’s offerings provide access to promotional posters, social media suggestions, EPP guidance and more for local and sustainable food purchasing (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/healthier-food/local-and-sustainable-food-purchasing; login required), as well as reducing meat on your menu and purchasing meat and poultry raised without routine antibiotics (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/node/26376; login required).

You will find a Get Started Guide to Healthy Food & Beverage Environments (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/node/26401; login required) where hospitals are promoting and improving access to tap water along with reducing sugar-sweetened beverages and implementing patient, visitor and employee education programs.

NEW in 2016—Supporting Local Farms and Increasing Healthy Food Access Toolkit

Leaner Energy Tracking and measuring energy use can help your health system minimize its carbon footprint.

NEW in July 2016—Renewable Energy Goal and Energy Conservation Toolkit (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/leaner-energy)

Less Water Health systems can commit to the Less Water Goal, conduct a water baseline and reduce water using the Water Conservation Toolkit (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/less-water).
Climate and Health Climate change is a major public health issue.

NEW in July 2016—Renewable Energy Goal and Toolkit

Resilience Toolkit (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/climate-and-health/climate-and-health-toolkit; login required)

NEW in 2016—Green Employee Benefits Toolkit

Transportation Start by recognizing transportation’s role in greenhouse gases through staff commuting, intra-organization transport and the supply chain.

NEW in September 2016—Transportation Goal and Toolkit

Awards, Data & Benchmarking Apply for the Environmental Excellence Awards (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/awards). Learn how to understand your sustainability data, and get a customized Metrics Report Card, System Report Card or Gap Analysis Report. The annual Sustainability Benchmark Report will be available by summer 2016 (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/tools-resources/sustainability-benchmark-report-0).
Earth Day Earth Day (April 22) is a day to educate, celebrate and appreciate environmental efforts. Start with our Earth Day Toolkit (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/earth-day/earth-day-member-resources; login required) or listen to archived calls, Sharing Earth Day Strategies 2015 (https://academy.PracticeGreenhealth.org/products/pgh-sharing-call-45th-anniversary-of-earth-day) and Sharing Earth Day Strategies 2016 (https://academy.practicegreenhealth.org/products/sharing-call-hello-there-get-ready-to-share-whats-new-to-do-for-earth-day-2016).
Food Day Participate in Food Day (www.foodday.com) to celebrate the role that local and sustainable foods and meat raised without the nontherapeutic use of antibiotics play in quality care, healthier communities and the reduction of multidrug-resistant organisms.
Other Market Transformation Group (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/epp/market-transformation-group)

Climate Council (www.PracticeGreenhealth.org/topics/climate-and-health/measuring-progress/hccc)

Cohort Groups

Variety of Work Groups