Synergy Health

By Greenhealth Staff on September 25, 2013

This innovative company brings savings to hospitals with their services while diverting waste from the landfill.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 5.00.49 PMSynergy Health is a global provider of specialized outsourced services, ranging from the sterilization of medical devices, surgical linen and surgical instruments to pathology testing. With a focus on innovation, Synergy is able to offer services that keep up with the ever-changing health care market. Their Reusable Surgical Solutions and Hospital Sterilization Solutions Divisions are used by more than 375 hospitals across the country.

Hospitals have reduced hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste generated by converting certain disposable products to reusable products used in the operating room. Synergy Health provides reusable supplies such as OR gowns, OR towels, back table covers, mayo stand covers, instrument wrap and stainless basins. They have nine reprocessing plants, several depots and distribution centers located across the country. These plants will sort, clean, inspect, build packs, package, sterilize, and deliver in a low unit of measure to the point of use in the hospital. Synergy drivers deliver sterile product and picks up the soiled items in a closed loop process.

In addition to the utility items, Synergy offers six types of reusable gowns, with three levels of protection that adhere to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) standards for liquid barrier performance for protective apparel and drapes. Gowns are selected based on the type and length of surgery and according to the safety guidelines established by AAMI. Synergy’s reusable gowns are made with Gore medical fabric and are lightweight. The company provides these gowns as single pulls or in custom packs with other reusable products needed for surgery.

Synergy will review the packs with staff to ensure that the correct gowns are in the packs and all items are being used. The main focus of these reviews results in improved efficiency, waste reduction, and overall cost savings to their customers. In addition to waste reduction, the use of reusables will decrease hospital red/white bag waste disposal costs—65 percent of disposable OR waste can be reduced by converting to a reusable platform. That reduction equates to disposal fee savings.

Lastly, an additional value to using reusables is the potential recovery of surgical instruments. Unfortunately, hospitals mistakenly throw instruments away when preparing operating rooms for the next surgery. Synergy returns thousands of dollars worth of instruments to hospitals that would have otherwise been thrown away in their disposable trash. The soil sort area of Synergy’s plant will find instruments in their customer’s soiled linen. They will clean and return these instruments back to the hospital. Hospitals can potentially avoid spending thousands of dollars in instrument replacement costs when using Synergy’s reusable linens.

“Once hospitals convert their OR to reusables, they are surprised at the amount of waste reduction and waste disposal savings realized,” notes Nancy Struzziero, vice president of sales, Reusable Surgical Solutions—Synergy Health. “Synergy’s goal is to continue to help hospitals become sustainable by bringing new and innovative products to the marketplace.”

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