Practice Greenhealth’s New Energy Alliance

By Greenhealth Staff on July 6, 2012

Practice Greenhealth has recently partnered with Innovative Software Technologies’ energy division, Znergy, Inc., to offer a new energy alliance to health care facilities. Znergy—which specializes in energy solutions for the health care sector through its coalition of best-of-class energy providers—will offer energy solutions to Practice Greenhealth facility members. “It’s a win-win for all involved,” says Peter Peterson, President of Znergy. “Improved total system optimization means you’re more efficient and consuming less energy—and consuming less energy means spending less for power.”

Znergy’s mission is to reduce one million tons of carbon emissions per year from the health care sector through its alliance based on efficiency, conservation, infrastructure upgrades, and system performance. These services include contracting solutions, engineering and analysis, energy audits, and optimizing power systems. FedEx, Hewlett Packard, and Ebay are just a sampling of companies that are reducing their carbon footprint because of using Znergy’s providers. “About 70 percent of the global energy infrastructure was constructed in the last century and was not designed for today’s electronic loads, meaning most health care facilities are consuming more energy than necessary,” explains Peterson. “If a facility was built before 2007, its electrical distribution system is not 100 percent compatible with the connected loads.” When a health care facility is unsure of what it is capable of in terms of energy reduction, Znergy will work with the organization to find the right solutions—whether it’s incorporating alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind, or geothermal, or reducing its overall energy consumption.” In addition to connecting health care facilities with the right companies to help them achieve their energy reduction goals, Znergy will offer financial services that will allow hospitals to pay for system upgrades that will equate to energy savings in the long run.

In 2009, Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, began construction of its new 192-bed acute care hospital. Less than 2 months into construction, the engineer of record had concerns about whether the new electrical distribution system was going to be compatible with the vast array of electrical loads that would be connected to the hospital’s system. One of Znergy’s coalition members devised an energy-efficient solution based on industry standard transformer technologies that would improve system and load efficiencies while saving the hospital a projected $34,000 a year and producing a 23 percent return on investment.

Znergy also worked on Newark, New Jersey’s Blue Cross Blue Shield headquarters, built in the 1970s, to upgrade its antiquated electrical systems. After some investigating, it was discovered that the average electrical transformer was operating at less than 12 percent of its full load rating and that the efficiency of existing transformers was only 92 percent. With a new system-solution configuration, the new transformers’ average loading increased by 23 percent, saving $64,000 in energy costs annually. After review of the energy system, New Jersey State Utility awarded the project a $49,000 rebate—nearly 25 percent of the entire project cost.

“We are excited to collaborate with Znergy and offer this new and timely alliance to our membership,” states Robert Jarboe, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Practice Greenhealth. “Practice Greenhealth’s business members and health care facilities have built tremendous momentum by moving the health care sector toward operational practices that protect patients, health care staff, and the environment, and we look forward to working with Znergy to continue that momentum with the Energy Alliance.”