Onward and Upward

Celebrating another year of innovation and outstanding performance

By Cecilia DeLoach Lynn on May 13, 2016

headshot of Cecilia DeLoach LynnTHIS YEAR, Practice Greenhealth again recognizes member hospitals that have worked diligently to drive innovation and establish a range of environmental programs that are making them more sustainable providers of health care services. On May 19th, we’ll celebrate the winners of our 14th annual Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards at the gala dinner during CleanMed 2016 in Dallas, set at the Omni Dallas Hotel. We will also introduce 2015’s top winners and spotlight them inside this issue.

2015 brought with it an array of new and exciting initiatives that are having real impacts on the health of people, patients and communities. Our membership continues to surprise us with their thoughtful, innovative approaches to environmental stewardship. This year, the number of award applicants increased by an amazing 24 percent over 2014, and Practice Greenhealth will give out more than 500 individual awards in recognition of the incredible strides hospitals have made in areas such as energy efficiency and renewables, employee engagement, environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP), healthier food and waste minimization.

This year’s Top 25 (actually 26, due to a tie) designation is intended not only as an acknowledgment of the winners’ leadership, but also an ongoing inspiration for their own and other organizations to aim even higher in the years ahead by identifying new sustainability goals and the strategies that can help the health care sector become better stewards and protectors of public health.

Practice Greenhealth is committed to working hand-in-hand with our members to focus on continuous improvement.

Practice Greenhealth continues to work with its membership to evolve a set of sectorwide metrics for measuring and evaluating sustainability performance in health care. Over the past year, Practice Greenhealth has enhanced its reporting tools to help members better assess their progress, fine-tune their strategies and set new data-driven goals. At the same time, we have introduced a set of new toolkits designed to assist members in tackling new topics. And Practice Greenhealth continues to bring together leaders across the sector to work with suppliers and service providers to transform the market for health care products and tackle tough environmental challenges.

Practice Greenhealth is committed to working hand-in-hand with our members to focus on continuous improvement—and help hospitals reap the rewards that come with it in the form of cost savings, increased efficiencies, goodwill and improved population health. Practice Greenhealth member organizations are setting an example for the sector and demonstrating time and again that hospitals have the ability to shift behavior, drive innovation and become more meaningful players in the quest for healthy people and a healthy planet. We’re proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking industry sector, and look forward to another year of collaboration.

Thank you for your continued leadership and hard work in making health care more sustainable!

Cecilia DeLoach Lynn
Director of Awards and Sector Performance
Practice Greenhealth

Presenting the 2016 Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Award Winners