Let’s Get Inspired

By Sarah Manwell on May 8, 2017

SPR17_PGH_ManwellSarahAs we continue to face uncertainty in our ability to provide quality patient care, improve the health of our communities and reduce the cost of health care, 2017 is proving to be a challenging year for all of us. But I’m hopeful for the future, because every day, we hear inspiring stories of Practice Greenhealth members and their commitment to leading health care through these uncertain times.

These stories will take center stage at CleanMed this year in Minneapolis, as we celebrate not only our Environmental Excellence Award winners, but everyone’s hard work in making progress in their sustainability efforts and leading their communities to a healthier future.

It is our mission to support you, our members, in creating that healthier future. Our goal is to provide the tailored guidance, tools, resources and network that will not only make your job easier, but also provide you with a community of peers who share your passion and face the same challenges and opportunities.

As part of that commitment to our members, we’ve introduced a new membership structure (see “We’ve Come a Long Way”). It can be challenging to find the resources or staff needed to carry out the sustainability work to which we’re all committed. That’s why we’re updating our membership model—to match your energy, enthusiasm and passion with the tools, resources, support and community needed to make a big impact in the facilities and the communities we serve alike.

For those of you coming to CleanMed, I’m excited to join you (for the first time!) in celebrating your efforts, learning more about the challenges and opportunities we face, and recharging our commitment and the energy needed to do such important work. For those of you who will not be at CleanMed this year, I hope to connect with you elsewhere throughout the year to learn firsthand what sustainability means to you.

It is an uncertain time, but it’s also an exciting time, and I look forward to working with all of you on our journey in changing health care for the better.

Thank you,





Chief Membership Officer