Environmental Health Hero Award

By Practice Greenhealth Staff on May 8, 2017

SPR17_PGH_EHH_ShinDongChunThe Environmental Health Hero Award recognizes individuals whose achievements have both deepened our understanding of the critical links between health and the environment and have catalyzed tangible policy or research reforms that protect human health and the environment.

This year’s recipient is Dr. Dong-chun Shin. Dr. Shin is a professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and director of the Institute for Environmental Research at Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea. He is also president of the Korean Society for Green Hospitals and chair of the Korea Chapter of the Society for Risk Analysis.

Dr. Shin’s research in exposure and risk assessment relating to persistent organic pollutants, including dioxins, has resulted in more than 160 scholarly articles. Particularly noteworthy are his activities with respect to setting environmental policies for the Republic of Korea; his work protecting public health, in particular the creation of the Korea National Environmental Health Action Plan 2006-2015; his outstanding service as chair of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network; and his seminal advocacy of sustainability in health care and mitigation of climate change.

Dr. Shin’s advocacy has had global sway through his work with the World Medical Association, and specifically as a leader in Asia. In 2016, Dr. Shin published an important book, Hazardous Air Pollutants: Case Studies From Asia — the first of its kind emphasizing the specific problems facing each country.