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Sustainable Food That Sells

Hospital food service departments are accustomed to managing the increased time—and sometimes the increased cost—incurred by sourcing food that supports the development of healthy, local, sustainable food systems. While tracking… Read More

Straight to the Source

The journey toward healthier patients, communities and environments can take many paths. The creation of a sustainable food system does not come about from a single course, but instead from… Read More

Every Last Drop

Hospitals are on the front lines of the water crisis. These facilities account for 7 percent of the commercial and institutional water use in the United States, using an average… Read More
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Ready, Set, Measure!

You can’t be sure how far you have come if you don’t know where you started. When deploying sustainability initiatives, understanding what you want to accomplish, where you currently are,… Read More

Goodbye to Meat with Antibiotics

What do McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Subway, Chick-fil-A and American hospitals have in common? They are all taking steps to serve meat and poultry raised without the routine use of antibiotics.… Read More

A Deep Dive on Sustainable Seafood

HEALTH CARE facilities serve seafood as a source of lean protein, but do they know where the seafood they buy comes from? Is it safe and free from contaminants? And… Read More

Inspiring Your Own Hospital Garden

My reason for making sure food gardens are close at hand is very personal: Her name is Anika. Her first foods were asparagus and spinach out of my garden, and… Read More

The Power of “EdMed”

This collaboration leverages the purchasing power and moral authority of hospitals, schools and universities to drive increased health and sustainability in the food supply chain. A growing body of scientific… Read More

Nutrition: A Community Benefit

A new IRS ruling is helping hospitals invest in healthier food. Health care is big business in the United States. National health expenditures top 20 percent of the gross domestic… Read More

How About These Apples?

Environmental Nutrition redefines healthy food beyond simple diet.  Twenty years ago, in a side room of the national Food and Nutrition Conference, a group of dietitians sat down to ask… Read More ← Older posts