Greening the Supply Chain

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The Future Is Green

  Appearing on the scene only in May of last year, Greenhealth Exchange is already making headway on supply chain sustainability for a number of participating health care systems. The… Read More

Keeping Score of Sustainability

Kaiser Permanente has launched a significant sustainable purchasing initiative with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by the year 2020. A culture of sustainability in both… Read More

New Buying Tool: Hospitals Can Save Money and the Planet

Hospitals spend 17 percent of their budgets on medical supplies. Hospitals also have an enormous energy footprint, are major water users and when it’s time to dispose of used supplies,… Read More

Setting Health Care EPP Pr ior ities

ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE purchasing (EPP) is not only about the end products that arrive in your facility. Being a sustainable buyer means considering the product impacts in the entire supply chain… Read More

Pest Problem?

TODAY, MORE health care facilities are embracing practices to eliminate the need for toxic chemical pesticides. While conventional pest control is a reactive approach based on killing insects and rodents… Read More

Keeping It Simple

Even in health care settings that have an established culture of sustainability, external barriers—such as lack of local availability of a particular material or builders who are inexperienced or uninterested… Read More

Getting It Right From the Start

Choosing waste management and recycling services? Evaluate them using our purchasing guidance. THE HEALTH CARE industry generates a huge amount of waste. Managing waste and recycling services, volumes and costs… Read More

Award-Winning EPP Strategies

Every hospital can make a difference through proper purchasing. As our Practice Greenhealth hospital members know, little changes can add up to a big difference. Many of them have implemented… Read More

Get Connected

Easy environmental purchasing solutions may be as close as turning to your suppliers.  As hospitals and health systems seek environmental purchasing solutions to achieve their sometimes complex sustainability goals, many… Read More

What Comes In Must Go Out

Consider these supply chain strategies for reducing solid, regulated medical and hazardous waste What comes in the front door of health care organizations through the supply chain also goes out… Read More ← Older posts