Greening the OR

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Second Time Around

Operating rooms are seeing the value in switching from disposable to reusable textiles. The operating room is notorious for its large financial and environmental footprints—especially when considering its relatively small… Read More
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Anesthesia and the Environment

A look at the environmental impact of anesthetic gases. The potential health impacts of climate change are far reaching. Cardiovascular disease, heat-related asthma, and malnutrition due to compromised food security… Read More
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Green Champion

A University of Washington Medical Center nurse discusses her success in bringing sustainability to the OR. Looking to new and innovative sustainable solutions is exciting, but it’s also a good… Read More
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HVAC Setback

Saving energy and reducing cost in the OR. This article was developed from an American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) monograph on operating room setback and was published in OR… Read More
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Reprocess and Reuse

Create a more sustainable operating room through procurement. Identifying areas of opportunity in the surgical suite to reduce supply chain expenses without affecting quality of care can lead to significant… Read More

Stericycle Reduces Waste in the OR and Beyond

The health care services company, Stericycle, offers a multitude of services to help hospitals reduce their environmental impact. Its Sharps Management Service features Bio Systems reusable containers; the service has… Read More

Taking the Hazard Out of Waste

SteriMed Medical Waste Solutions, Inc. "Technologies available today for the on-site treatment of medical waste include chemical treatment systems, low-temperature steam disinfection systems, and microwave disinfection systems, " says CEO… Read More

Sustainable Cardiac Services

A look at Australia’s waste reduction efforts from the catheterization laboratory to the operating room and beyond Economic and environmental sustainability are essential to maintaining high-quality health care. Numerous medical… Read More

Sunny Disposition

Natural light and views can brighten the operating room and its staff. A growing trend in Europe—the idea of incorporating natural light into the operating room (OR)—is cycling back into… Read More

From Blue to Green

This year’s Environmental Excellence Awards winners look at ways to rethink the use of blue sterile wrap—here’s a sampling of solutions. ← Older posts Newer posts →