2016 Sustainability Benchmark Report Brings Data to Life

By Practice Greenhealth Staff on October 25, 2016

news-notebooks-2A new design for Practice Greenhealth’s 2016 Environmental Excellence Awards Sustainability Benchmark Report makes it even easier for hospitals to gauge and benchmark their progress.

Available only to Practice Greenhealth hospital members, the annual report summarizes the sustainability achievements of health systems that are setting the standard for health care environmental stewardship. This year’s edition uses new, bold graphics such as pie charts, infographics and other ways of illustrating measurements and percentages.

The new approach is designed to allow hospitals to view, at a glance, progress by industry leaders that are successfully reducing their environmental footprint, achieving financial savings and changing the culture of their organizations as they address environmental issues and opportunities in areas as diverse as energy, waste management, safer chemicals, water management, healthy food, green buildings and climate impact.

“The extensive data in the Benchmark Report is being presented in a new way to inspire environmental accomplishments and substantial financial savings and guide all hospitals to triple bottom-line success in their own operations by benchmarking their progress in different areas against other hospitals,” said Gary Cohen, president and founder of Practice Greenhealth.

The 2016 Sustainability Benchmark Report will soon be available for download at www.PracticeGreenhealth.org.